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Poster: tank_tuba Date: Jan 18, 2009 5:55am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: Make No Mistake......or Take This With a Grain of Salt....

I think you're absolutely right. Now that I rethink what I wrote, I really doubt if they even had a clue about what the cost of tickets would be. That is more than likely something that falls under the category of, "we pay someone to do that sort of thing."

I purchased 2 tickets to the Greensboro, NC show. $65.00 a ticket. For roughly the same seating as I had for Van Halen($95.00 per ticket) in Fresno, CA. Reasonable in my opinion.
I never even looked at the "VIP" packages. Looking at the link you provided, both packages for the Mountain View show are sold out.
The VIP package is purely "Corporate America" garbage. They have been doing this sort of thing at concerts for at least ten years. I must say that after reading over the Golden Road and High Time package, I was rather disappointed with what they offered for the money.
They had the same VIP deal with Ozzfest a few years back, but along with all the other food, parking, backstage stuff, you also got to stand on the side of the stage for a couple of tunes while Sabbath was playing. A few people even got to hand Ozzy a bucket of water to throw on the crowd. Standing on stage ten feet from Tony Iommi, very cool.
Kiss also had the same type of VIP deal. But you actually got to do a meet and greet with the band. Getting to take pics with Gene Simmons, very cool also.
And Iron Maiden also had a VIP deal last year, (which I found very hypocritical, considering Bruce had a ten minute rant about "corporate America bullshit" during their Ozzfest tour in 2005) But, with Maiden's package you actually got to stand on stage and sing along with the band to the song Heaven Can Wait. Getting to sing with Maiden onstage, mind blowingly cool.

Now, if the Dead were offering "standing on the side of the stage for a tune or two" with the High Time package, or if they were offering "doing the Donna Jean wail out of the jam during Playin' in the Band" with the Golden Road package, then I could see the ticket prices as a little more justifiable.

I understand your sarcasm about this having nothing to do with the filthy lucre. Unfortunately, I think a massively high percentage of most everything has to do with money and only money.

But, there are times the filthy, dirty money does good things. The average cost of a liver transplant is $250,000. Sometimes as low as $100,000, but they can also go up to $400,000.
I'd bet that if you asked Phil's family, they would tell you this was a ridiculously small amount to pay to have him alive and well in their lives.